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  • Baby Checkups

Naturopathic Family Care Medicine

Naturopathy is a branch of alternative medicine that places a firm emphasis on natural and holistic treatment. This kind of medicine focuses on every facet of a patient’s health. Dr. DiCampli takes her time with her patients to make sure all aspects of her patient’s health is addressed and assessed to ensure the most effective plan of care is established.

New Patients

All new patients receive a thorough one-hour consultation with Dr. DiCampli to establish their own unique, personalized care plan

Prenatal patients

Flexible options available to fit your specific birth plan.  Inquire during scheduling.


Same-day appointments available.  Call (602) 368-9211 for scheduling.


Dr. Jesika DiCampli has been wonderful in helping our family through pregnancy, newborns, and now toddlers.  We trust our physician and know she will treat our family with the highest level of care.  – Alex, Phoenix AZ