Midwife: Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth


The journey through pregnancy, labor, birth and parenthood is quite personal and deserves individualized care. We provide comprehensive maternity care for women of all lifestyles, economic backgrounds and cultures, in Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding valley areas.

Our certified professional naturopathic physicians and midwives are committed to offering skilled care that’s sensitive and safe for you and your baby. Focusing on the natural processes of pregnancy, labor, and birth, our highly skilled and experienced midwives combine modern medical techniques and traditional skills to safeguard normal childbirth. Our naturopathic physicians and midwives are uniquely qualified to treat common conditions that may arise in pregnancy, birth, and the post-partum period. We are committed to offering a respectful and safe birth experience for you, your baby and your partner.


Prenatal Care

​Your journey with us begins with exceptional prenatal care. During your first visit our highly skilled and experienced midwives will take a comprehensive history of your health, collect initial pregnancy lab-work and perform a physical-examination. Additionally, they’ll spend an adequate amount of time with you to talk to you about your vision for childbirth and your pregnancy as well as to address any concerns you may have.

The prenatal visits that we offer parents follow the standard of care for all providers of maternity care. During your prenatal visits, our midwives will perform prenatal examinations and also address any concerns you might have. You will always have plenty of time to continue the dialogue about the pregnancy, what you should expect and preparation for giving birth and beyond.

There`re many standard tests which we offer expectant mothers during their prenatal visits. In each case, our midwives will discuss and clearly explain these tests to you so that you can be able to make well informed choices. We are unique in our midwifery care with the special blend of naturopathic care. Nearly all common health concerns can be addressed by our skilled physicians, without the need for a referral to an outside-health care provider. However, if the need arises, you’ll be referred to an experienced specialist.


Labor And Delivery

The quality of your childbirth experience matters to us. Our licensed midwives are on call 24/7 so that they can make sure that each expectant mother is fully-supported all through her pregnancy and during labor.

Over the entire duration of your pregnancy, we endeavor to address all your needs as a person and also familiarize ourselves your vision for childbirth. Your birth vision is discussed in detail and developed with our midwives team during your prenatal care. We strongly believe in educating all women about their fears in labor and expectations as well as providing support and encouragement.


Postpartum Care

Our philosophy after childbirth is to support breastfeeding immediately and promote family bonding. These essential elements of Postpartum Care are always honored and respected. , with the exception of any medical complications that may occur.”

Following the midwifery-standard of care, we’ll visit you and child in your home within 2 days postpartum. This visit will include physical examination of you and your baby, breastfeeding support and discussion of any concerns you might have. In addition to the home visit, your maternity-care will also include in-office follow up visits at 1 week and 6 weeks postpartum. Additional visits are available as necessary.


Newborn Care

After giving birth to your baby, we will perform a full-physical examination of your baby. We offer newborn care which includes informed choices regarding vaccinations if desired.


Our midwives not only have the required midwifery training but they also have extensive experience in pediatric and newborn care.

A midwife-patient partnership is based on informed choice, trust and education. We endeavor to support families while they recognize their abilities to successfully cope with the challenges of labor, childbirth and parenting and encourage them to actively participate in their experience. We also offer support for parents, which includes discussion of breastfeeding, childhood development, nutrition, weaning, sleep habits, naturopathic home remedies, immunizations and more in their journey to raise happy, healthy children.

Helping families and women through the transition of pregnancy and childbirth is a passion for us! It’s our mission to offer you and your baby with the optimum holistic midwifery care possible. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with our highly skilled and experienced midwives.


Hire Dr. DiCampli as your Midwife

Dr. DiCampli’s office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and she is available for complementary brief meet and greets with expecting parents who are interested in a holistic approach to childbirth and prenatal care. Dr. DiCampli provides an array of care options and services to fit all needs for growing families like yours. She strives to offer the best advice and most current research to keep you and your family as healthy and safe as possible.