Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are you looking for the best naturopathic care in Scottsdale, AZ for your hormone replacement therapy that is safe, natural and uses proven holistic methods?

Get long-lasting relief from all the menopausal symptoms when your body doesn’t produce the necessary female hormones that occur after menopause. See the fantastic benefits that a naturopathic physician will provide during a natural hormone therapy treatment plan that will alleviate hot flashes, prevent heart disease, and ultimately protect your overall long-term health:

Benefits of a Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

A hormone replacement therapy usually happens when women get older and experience menopause. Estrogen and progesterone hormones are no longer produced naturally, and a the lack of these essential hormones cause various emotional and physical issues such as vaginal dryness, mood swings and hot flushes, among others. Hormone replacement therapy is then introduced to counter the falling levels and restore the body to its natural balance. This type of

therapy can immediately begin once the signs of menopausal symptoms emerge. A natural and systemic hormone therapy does wonders and is widely considered to be the most effective form of treatment for night sweats and hot flashes. A welcome dose of Estrogen can go a long way to ease the irritating vaginal symptoms like uncontrollable itching and burning, dryness, and a general discomfort during intercourse. Therapy can also treat urinary issues that are connected with menopause. Not only that, but some studies have revealed that it can prevent the early onset of dementia and various heart diseases.

Hormone Replacement Thereapy

There are always risks involved when undergoing therapy or medication because artificial products or procedures are not always compatible or well-received by our complex body, but naturopathic care minimizes that risk by providing an alternative route to healing with natural and non-invasive treatment. These types of treatment may involve a recommendation for a diet and a lifestyle change, homeopathy and other methods that offer a more holistic approach. This philosophy is founded on the fact that healing should come from within the body, and when the body is free from stress and other external factors, then vital energy will flow and make the person better once again.

Natural hormone replacement therapy is different because the hormones being introduced into your body come from bioidentical sources. This translates to the body being able to identify it as one of its own and therefore, absorbs the hormone better than synthetic ones. The troubling and uncomfortable menopausal symptoms are controlled more effectively, and patients go on to lead a normal life and a greater well-being than before.

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