Overtrained Athlete

Overtrained Athletes

Overtraining in Athletics is on the rise and many health concerns stem from being an overtrained athlete.  It is a very big passion of mine to identify what factors are leading to an athlete becoming overtrained and experiencing chronic fatigue.  I used to struggle from constant tiredness and fatigue from being an overtrained athlete.


Many medical professions overlook the signs and symptoms of an overtrained athlete, but it is very important to not recognize these signs and symptoms and get your body back to a balance.

Please schedule an appointment with us to determine if you are an overtrained athlete and put together an all-natural plan to overcome the symptoms from being overtrained.

There is no reason to just “push” through countless hours of practices and games, when some very simple nutrient depletion can be identified and fixed.


Our Overtrained Athlete Program consists of a thorough assessment, multiple labs, as warranted, a comprehensive plan of action, and follow-up visits.