Today, more and more patients are forced to believe that traditional medicine, and over-medicating yourself, is the premier way of treating different conditions, including thyroid conditions. In fact, we are forced to believe that the only option to treat thyroid conditions, whether it is hyper or hypo, is to take medication. Although in some severe cases this is the only option, when you choose our naturopathic care offices, we can direct you in unique approaches, and non-conventional thyroid treatment options, which will also resolve your condition. We are the premier naturopathic care professionals in Scottsdale, AZ for you to visit.

Thyroid Treatment

What is naturopathic care?
Basically, our main treatment methods combine the wisdom of nature, along with the rigors of science. We focus on a more unconventional, holistic treatment method, to help treat your thyroid conditions.

We focus on:
– Traditional, holistic, natural medicine.
– Proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis methods.
– Focus on the body’s own ability to restore balance, rather than simply forcing patients to take medication to treat the condition.
Our team is fully licensed, and we undergo extensive training, to ensure the best holistic care treatment, and optimal treatment for our patients. Not only do we focus on the body’s ability to heal itself, we also teach patients of the alternatives which are available to them, when they are suffering from thyroid conditions.

How can we treat your condition?
Some people believe that the only way to treat a thyroid condition is to take medication; in many extremes, doctors and specialists force patients to believe surgical procedures are the only solution. Although there are some cases which are severe, and require the best medicine available, but in many cases, there are natural, holistic approaches to treating the thyroid condition, which we can focus on with the patient as well.

Thyroid Treatment

So, how exactly can

we help patients who come into our offices with a thyroid condition? Some of the treatment options we present to patients include:
– We focus on treating the “whole-person.’
– We employ the use of non-toxic approaches such as dietary regulations and changes, herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements.
– Physical therapy is sometimes a treatment method which we focus on with patients.
– We consider the use of thyroxine to help regulate the hormone, and help regulate thyroid levels.
We consider various treatment options, rather than simply throwing medication at you. We are the premier office in Scottsdale, AZ for you to consult with, when trying to treat the condition.

How our physician will work with you?
How exactly will a naturopathic physician work with you when treating a thyroid condition? For starters, we will look at everything which is affecting the thyroid in context to overall, general health. We will investigate other possible causes of the symptoms you are experiencing which can include: imbalance of blood sugar levels, digestive disturbances, imbalance of detoxification function, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and deficiencies in trace elements. In addition to these issues, some other problems which might be causing the thyroid hormone to function at a rate which is slower (or faster) than it should includes: anxiety and prolonged stress, muscle and joint problems, or even sudden shock.

There are several external factors which can be affecting the thyroid and its ability to properly produced TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) in your system. We will consider each of these factors, to determine the best holistic approach to treating your condition. It will allow us to come up with a plan of attack, and come up with a treatment plan which is specifically tailored to you, and the condition which you are suffering from.

Choose us for your treatment options
You have many options when it comes to treating hypo or hyper-thyroid problems. Rather than simply rely on traditional medication, and over-medicating your system, consider the naturopathic care option instead, and the natural, holistic treatment methods we can provide to patients. Not only do we take a “whole-body” treatment approach, we will consider each and every factor that might be affecting the thyroid, which might be affecting the way in which the hormone is functioning.

If you are ready to consider an alternative approach to treatment, consider Dr. Jesika DiCampli for your thyroid care. Dr.  DiCampli will work with you, to come up with a personalized treatment plan, to help regulate your TSH levels and thyroid imbalance issues.